We are servants of world peace; praying for an end to all wars, hunger, malnutrition, starvation, and homelessness inspiring the development of a pure relationship with Mother Earth.

Mission Statement

The spiritual world. our eternal address. our home spiritually socially enviromentally perfect .the human race. divine beings. human expeirence. we have that perfection within us. drumdancepray .org will serve to create events that will inspire unity syncrinisity and respects for all paths of of asension. a spiritual social enviromental transformational expeirence. we are all best friends in the spiritual world. we have it within us to heal this reality on this planet and live in peace it would be nice to have these events in every city on this planet .inspired by and dedicated to HIS DIVINE GRACE AC BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI AND ALL TEACHERS OF PRAYER ON THIS PLANET